About the Artist George Wood, who now has passed on:
RIP 06/10/1951 - 03/26/2014
  George was born and raised in South California. In his early years, he was drawn to the ocean becoming an avid surfer in the areas of Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Continuing his passion for a life around the ocean, he spent many years sailing in the sport of catamaran racing allowing travel around the western states.

 For many years, he ran a large dealer network that provides camera mounts, for helicopter filming, for the motion pictures industry. His travels around the world in training people, have given him a chance to explore many awesome country sides.  This exposure had opened up a new passion, which is expresses in his paintings.
He preferred the impressionistic side of painting getting lost in vibrant colors that are pleasing on the eye and soul.

 Please enjoy his remaining paintings…


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